MARK 16:15

Laying a stronger foundation for church execution of
the great commission


Our sole purpose is to honor Jesus Christ and serve Him by being a blessing to the peoples of the world and the ministries that reach into communities globally. We accomplish this through various activities including offering a ministry platform to enable efficiency within and collaboration across ministries. We offer the below categories of support along with customized solutions. 


Crowd-funding and direct donation management for

  • ministries
  • individual missionaries
  • evangelists

Industrial grade events logistics management

  • lifecycle planning
  • budgeting and recon
  • communications
  • event metrics
  • secure messaging

Connecting global resources with global needs to execute

  • preaching the Gospel
  • laboring for the Harvest
  • sourcing efficiency
service BOL

Enterprise class reliability for small and large ministries

  • hardware infrastructure
  • software infrastructure
  • automated tools
  • custom solutions

Financial Stewardship

Kingdom work relies on Kingdom finances. BOL processes your standard campaign contributions at the same cost or lower than other platforms. We do not charge a profit above the card interchange fee to ministries. 

Many individuals or even organizations have tapped into the power of crowdfunding. Today there are 6 mainstream crowdfunding platforms and these all charge a significant fee for every dollar donated. This all adds up to a significant amount when considering the processing fee + platform fee + licensing/service fees. We do NOT charge fees for crowdfunding. 

All of your financial transactions are real time and visible to you. BOL also makes all accounting ledgers available to your accounting system or analyst for review with the click of one button. It’s your money, you should keep it for the Kingdom, and see every penny reconciled immediately.

Events Engine

Manage events on a global ministry scalable platform with ease. Crusades, missions, revival meetings, local outreach, or any other planned activity are streamlined, repeatable and efficient. We take industry leading methodology with military design to employ event management. BOL Events handles multi-regional activity, event metrics, associated media files, event team management, event budgeting and reconciliation afterwards, and even has an integrated ticketing system that allows all tasks to be tracked until completion.

Resource Exchange

The ResourceXchange is a digital marketplace where ministries with needs can post their information and also look to organizations that are posting resources. The ResourceXchange matches resources to needs with little effort to the organization needing goods or services. The benefit of not having to use precious ministry resources to source or manage more support is a valuable stewardship tool. The ResourceXchange is onboarding both organizations providing resources and ministries with ongoing needs during 2021. The platform will be moved to production in 2022.

service BOL

Administrative Tools

BOL provides a variety of administrative help to ministries of all different sizes and complexity.

BOL can assess your current infrastructure and recommend any upgrade paths that will achieve your desired goals. In some instances, we come alongside and assist your staff on implementation to impart the on the job training for ministry self service after the implementation.

BOL is a Microsoft CSP and can assist with Azure non-profit account setup, configuration, and implementation. We also provide training to ministry staff on industry best practices and data structuring.

Various components of the BOL software platform bring process workflow automation benefits and back-office/accounting integration efficiency. We collaborate with ministries to assist identifying opportunities to do more with existing resources. We also offer solution options to leadership with optional advisory help as needed.

BOL has its own in-house software development team. We can often times custom develop solutions to fit your needs.